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James H. Daneau
Owner of Sno Dolly, Inc.

Business Location: Hampstead, NH

Please take a moment to hear an audio message from James H. Daneau:

Background Information

Jim is a life-long New Hampshire resident known for his decades of dependable service as a general building contractor, problem solving, quality work, and his "inventor" mindset. Most recently, he obtained a U.S. Patent on a unique apparatus for quickly removing snow from roof-tops without having to lift it! Jim invented the "Sno-Dolly" in response to the devastating North American Blizzard (January31 to February2, 2015) that dumped heavy volumes of damaging snow on so many local properties. At present, the Sno Dolly is being introduced and used by property owners and managers across the country who share the need for a more effective, more efficient, and more economical method of dealing with the potential disasters associated with heavy volumes of roof snow - and the need to remove it on an emergency basis.

Business Description

The Sno-Dolly is a cleverly designed commercial-grade tool that “undercuts, slices, and slides” heavy volumes of snow without having to lift the snow! During a recent snowstorm, one person with one Sno-Dolly cleared a 9,000 square-foot roof in 8 hours. Next door, an identical 9,000 square-foot roof was cleared in only 4 hours - but it took a crew 10 shovelers!

Property owners and managers within driving distance of Hampstead, NH can have Sno-Dolly equipment delivered immediately during emergencies (with a one or two person crew to clear a roof for you if/as necessary). In all other areas in the continental United States, the Sno-Dolly equipment can be delivered overnight. A single Sno-Dolly is priced in the $250 to $300 range.

Visit for more information.

Contact Information

James H. Daneau, General Manager
Sno Dolly Inc.
PO Box 82
East Derry, NH 03041

(603) 234-6834



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